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Hi I'm Natalie and I help people to find simple solutions to the frustrations of digestive and autoimmune conditions.



At Naturological, I am so deeply proud of the work that I do to help our clients’ health.  


I am an accredited naturopath that has an immense passion for therapeutic herbal medicine, nutrition and treating the core issues underlying my clients’ health problems.

·       If you feel stressed, exhausted and unwell but have been told time and again there’s nothing wrong with you…

·       If you’re confused by the multitude of opinions and misinformation about what to feed yourself to be healthy…

·       If you’ve experienced problems with your gut health, immune health or hormone health, and think that food may be playing a part in the problem…


You’ve come to the right place!

Our naturopaths specialise in:

·       gut health & digestive disorders, inclusive of SIBO, IBS, IBD

·       multiple food intolerances (inclusive of FODMAP, histamine, salicylates)

·       immune/autoimmune irregularities (arthritis, chronic fatigue fibromyalgia, thyroid, psoriasis)

·       children's health from newborns through to teenagers

·       mental health (anxiety, depression)

·       hormone health (PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, menopause, acne)

I offer straightforward, easy to follow advice and recommendations to clients, helping them improve their health and achieve real results, naturally.

We provide outstanding dietary guidance and individualised food plans to deliver a unique approach in the nutrition space. We strive to educate and empower our clients in the foundations of health.

Naturological: Time for better health.


01 /

Discovery Call 

10 min  |  $ Free

02 /



75 min  |  $130

03 /

Return Consult

30 min  |  $85 

I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation with Nat. She was kind, practical and positive and focussing on the small positive improvements that can be made really helped change my mindset. Providing a mobile service was also a stand out for myself, with a busy lifestyle it made it so much easier. 


Thanks again Nat & I look forward to my healthier journey with Naturological!

Jessica Wend

Melbourne, VIC

I loved my consultations with Nat. She has such a kind, gentle nature that blends empathy with research perfectly. She went out of her way to identify the key reasons I was there and tailored her approach to suit. I didn't feel obliged to buy products or pressured to change but key parts of her advice has stayed with me and had a positive impact on my wellbeing since.


Would highly recommend!

Bec Lewis

Melbourne, VIC

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