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A tea to support a good night's sleep. 


This is one of Natalie's personal favourites for calming the nervous system and allowing enough relaxation for the sleep process to occur. 



- Passionflower

- Chamomile

- Valerian 

- Rose


Passionflower is a beautiful herb and it is a powerful traditional remedy that Natalie uses in clinic regularly for mental stress, anxiety and mild sleep disorders. 


Chamomile is a relaxing herb and is described as a mild sedative, calminative (calming to the digestive and nervous system) and relaxant. Chamomile is very relaxing and is wellknown for being calming to the nervous system.  


Valerian is a staple in any herbalist's cabinet for nervous tension and sleep disorders. Valerian has been used as early the second century AD for insomnia which makes it perfect for this blend. 


Rose is calming and has ties to the heart centre. Rose adds a beautiful aroma to this blend and everyone needs a bit more love!


This is blend is caffeine free. 


Sleep Loose Leaf Tea

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  • Place 1 teaspoon into an infuser, teapot or coffee plunger.

    Pour boiling water over tea leaves and serve in 3-5 minutes. 


  • Shipping within 2 business days via Sendle to your doorstep or Australia Post. 

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