• Natalie Gibson

The Common Cold

After spending the weekend in bed sick and with the weather in Melbourne, it got me thinking about being sick and the immune system.

When we have a cold, the symptoms experienced are physical signs that our immune system is working to clear the infection:

- The runny nose and eyes are our immune system trying to physically remove the infection

- The sweats is our immune system raising the temperature of our body to make the environment inhospitable to the bacteria

- The cough is clearing any congestion form staying in your lungs

Although it’s not particularly fun, it’s our bodies way to clear out. I guess a bit like spring cleaning so we can be stronger and fitter.

How can we support ourselves and our immune systems while we are not feeling the best?

- Taking time out to rest as this is your bodies reminder that we need to take time out and stop pushing through

- Drinking water assists our body to clear the toxins quicker

- Avoid sugar consumption especially when not feeling well as we do not want to feed the bacteria

- Eat a wide variety of nutrients to promote the function of the immune system

- Don’t push yourself; take time out from exercise, from your commitments, from your work

- Drink herbal tea as it is warming and soothing on your membranes of your throat

- Stay warm to support your body’s healing potential

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