Motion Sickness Survival Tips

This time of year generally comes with some form of travel! It could be a road trip, bus trip, a day out on the water, flying interstate or even going overseas.

For some of us, this in itself can be quite stressful especially if you experience motion sickness. I completely understand as I too have suffered with motion sickness ever since being a child.

I used to train myself to sleep in the car on trips, even 1 hour in length, however this is not a suitable option when I am now the driver! Yes, I even get car sick from my own driving!

I have come up with a few ways to prevent motion sickness over the years and to relieve the nausea experienced.

Motion Sickness Tips and Remedies:

1. Ginger lozenges - all of the cars in our household contain ginger lozenges purchased from the health food store as these have fresh ginger in them. My favourite brand is the Ginger People Gin Gins (not sponsored, just my personal opinion). These are not the most naturopathic as they do contain sweeteners however they are effective when feeling a little queasy.

2. Pumpkin seeds or pepitas can be consumed to prevent motion sickness. They can be eaten raw, roasted, or they can be blended down and mixed with water.

3. Ginger root tea - you can grate or slice up the fresh root in a tea or use a ginger tea blend. I always carry ginger tea when I’m on holidays or in my handbag to make a tea I can sip on during the journey. You can even have ginger tea cold, it does not need to be hot or warm so you could make the morning of a journey.

4. Look at the horizon when travelling. When in motion, the best place to look is forwards at the horizon (a non-moving fixed point).

5. Eat regularly. Travelling on an empty stomach can make your motion sickness significantly worse so ensure you have eaten something and also have a snack for travelling.

6. Do not eat a large meal beforehand. Ensure you are eating small, frequent meals rather than larger meals as you do not want to feel heavy either.

7. Anxiety can worsen symptoms so ensure you are focusing on calming yourself before and during your trip - breathing into your belly (deep breathing) can assist.

8. Avoid alcohol 24 hours before travelling and during your trip as alcohol can affect the inner ear mechanism and cause perception disturbances.

9. Ensure you have plenty fresh air. Fumes or smoke can exacerbate symptoms.

If you are still struggling with motion sickness, please be in touch as herbal medicine can assist.

I hope that these tips assist you in having a wonderful trip and enjoy the festive season!

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