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Naturopathy and Autoimmune - Partners in Crime?

Naturopathy has an amazing ability to support chronic conditions to make people thrive and that’s what makes it a particular area that I am so passionate about!

People ask me all the time why I am so passionate about autoimmune disease?

The answer is that both of my parents each have one or more autoimmune diseases, I too suffer from psoriasis which is categorised as an autoimmune disease.

I am aware that as the child of two parents with autoimmune conditions, that I have an increased risk of 30% of suffering from autoimmune conditions.

I also know the risks of obtaining more than one autoimmune disease which is why I am so passionate about not only avoiding this for myself but also assisting my clients to avoid further conditions and supporting their current conditions.

In addition, I also have a strong fascination with our immune system and the links it has with other systems in our body such as stress response, digestion, skin, mood and the list goes on!

So how can naturopathy assist with autoimmune conditions?

Herbal medicine can work in combination with pharmaceuticals, medicine and other complementary medicines.

I love the way naturopathy gives me the opportunity to be able to assist the person in front of me, be able to support their health but also not be prescriptive with my recommendations. Everyone is individual and I get the opportunity to treat people as a single identity and their health as a component of that.

In regards to autoimmune disease, we look at a wide range of aspects including:

- lowering inflammation throughout the body whether it be in the joints, the digestive system, thyroid or skin supporting a reduction of symptoms

- supporting your stress levels. This is probably number one for someone with an autoimmune disease as it is very stressful dealing with a chronic infection in addition to working, looking after a family and general living!

- identifying and assisting removal of causative agent - past or present infection, gut microbiome, heavy metals, toxin exposure or hormonal dysregulation

- lower immune response and regulate immune function

- stimulate detoxification at a tissue level

- removal of any dietary allergens or intolerances

- ensure gut health by reducing incidence of leaky gut

- support affected organ or body system

- provide symptomatic relief

- restore nutritional deficiencies

- support other body systems that may be affected such as sleep, energy, mood

There are many many ways in which we can support someone with one or more autoimmune conditions and if this sounds like something you may be interested in, please be in touch and ensure you sign up to our mailing list so you don’t never miss a post!

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