Brain Health

I am extremely passionate about maintaining the health of our brains.

Our brains are linked to all other body systems in the body so it would make sense that if our brains are working optimally, we are giving the rest of our body the best chance of health.

We also want to prevent disease by creating flawless brain health.

Unfortunately dementia is on the rise in Australia and is now the second leading cause of death of Australians.

There is currently no treatment or known reversal of dementia so we need to focus on prevent and slowing symptoms.

But first we need to talk about what I mean when I say dementia?

Dementia is the term used to describe the symptoms of a large group of illnesses which cause a progressive decline in a person’s functioning. It is a broad term used to describe a loss of memory, intellect, rationality, social skills and physical functioning.

There are many types of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia and Lewy body disease. Dementia can happen to anybody, but it is more common after the age of 65.

What causes dementia?

There is much conjecture over what is the cause of dementia and it is most likely there is not one cause however here are the proposed causes:

- neuritic plaques in the brain

- genetic links

- inflammation of the central nervous system (CNS)

- unresolved infections

- a high toxic load in the body

- dysfunction of the mitochondria

- stiffened arteries

- nutritional deficiencies

- other diseases/disorders already present

How does naturopathy support brain health and prevention of dementia?

- By reducing common risk factors: obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol

- Reduce co-occuring conditions such as anxiety and depression

- Support movement and exercise

- Address nutritional deficiencies and optimise nutrients specific to brain

- Reduce inflammation in brain

- Support safe clearance of toxins form the body

- Support stress reduction

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