• Natalie Gibson

5 Reasons You Need A Gut Reset

Our guts are pretty strong, I mean they can tolerate a lot! 

In the past, I have thrown a lot at my digestive system: travelling around the world, multiple bouts of food poisoning, eating different foods (sometimes not the best for me) and also all of the alcohol and celebrating that went with it!

However even our guts have a threshold point!

But how do you know if you have reached it as our guts don’t just stop working!

5 Reasons Why Your Gut Needs a Reset

1. You're feeling gut symptoms 

You may be feeling bloated or perhaps suffering from abdominal pain, you may be having excess gas (either burping or flatulence), your bowel motions have changed in frequency or consistency or just not feeling quite right. 

Gut symptoms are the most obvious that something isn’t quite right and it’s time to give your gut some loving. 

2. You are reacting to foods that in the past have not been a problem. 

Food intolerances or too much of a particular type of food can start to upset your digestive tract. It could be that there is too much inflammation and you have just added the final straw to your camel’s back.

It’s challenging to work out which food can cause the irritation or whether taking the pressure off, will calm everything down so it’s time to do a Digestive Reset!

3. Your skin is breaking out. 

It could be a couple of pimples, or it could be full on acne, it could be eczema or psoriasis or it could be as simple as the texture has changed and is now more dry or more oily. 

Our gut and our skin are closely linked, and if our digestive system is struggling, it can present on the skin, so now is the perfect time to do a Digestive Reset!

4. You are feeling tired and lacking energy. 

Our body acquire energy from the food we eat.

The food is broken down into macro and micronutrients and then broken down further to give our body the nutrients (AKA energy) our cells need to keep functioning.


If you are struggling with energy or feeling tired and worn out, perhaps some digestive support can assist!

5.  You hit the festive season HARD!

You may have had a few too many drinks, too much food and be feeling it physically but also seeing it on the scales.

It’s fun to celebrate but at some point, we have to reset and be kind to our bodies once again. 

This is the perfect opportunity to allow your body to calm down and set your digestive system up for a year of good health!

Wanting to do our digestive reset?
Head to our home page and book in now for the FREE 5 Day Digestive Reset, your guts will thank you for it!

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