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My naturopathic thoughts on antibiotics

I get asked all the time by my clients whether they should take antibiotics or not and clients sometimes feel guilty sharing with me that they have taken a course (or many!) of antibiotics.

Antibiotics are medicines that treat infections and diseases caused by bacteria and are a modern medical marvel (not what you expected me to say I'm sure!). When used correctly and safely, they can save lives and stop infection.

I am not against antibiotics, however I am against antibiotics used incorrectly ie. for a little sniffle or used for viral infections or when used recurrently when they have not worked in the previous occurrences. Antibiotics are not something I can prescribe so I cannot advise whether you should take them or not take them however I can recommend alternatives if they are not working satisfactorily!

The instances where antibiotics may be needed:

- when you have a serious bacterial infection (obviously!!)

- when your health has been impacted for a longer period of time than you should have been sick. For example, if you get a gut bug that is wrecking havoc on your gut lining and has not passed within a couple of days then an antibiotic may be suitable.

- Urinary tract infections if after using natural options is still present after 24-48 hours. This is because we do not want a UTI to progress to a kidney infection.

I am never upset nor disappointed in my clients for using antibiotics and am happy to work with clients regardless of their use of medications.The good news about seeing a naturopath during or post using antibiotics is that we can assist in rebalancing the microbiome that has been affected by the antibiotics and also reduce any side effects that can occur.

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