Organic Food - is it worth it?

We get asked regularly about what is the importance of organic food and do we recommend it.

The word organic is used to signify the absence of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and artificial hormones and other pollutants from being used in the farming process.

These additives have been linked to a wide variety of hormonal and other disease states and could possibly have negative effects on ones health.

In addition, organic farming does not deplete the soil of necessary nutrients as the focus is on soil regeneration.

From a health perspective, we always recommend organic wherever possible especially for those with a chronic illness however even those who are healthy and well can experience benefits from organic produce.

We are also quite realistic about people living within their means as the word organic also comes with a significant price tag.

Below is some recommendations if you feel you cannot financially convert 100% to organic produce:

Fruits and Vegetables:

The Environmental Working Group recommend the 12 (Dirty Dozen) fruits and vegetables which are shown to contain the most pesticides:

1. Strawberries

2. Spinach

3. Nectarines

4. Apples

5. Grapes

6. Peaches

7. Cherries

8. Pears

9. Tomatoes

10. Celery

11. Potatoes

12. Capsicums

You can have a further look at the link below:

This website is American but the limited studies conducted have shown similar results in Australia however we should also include Kale and Zucchini in the dirty dozen.

If choosing between organic and non-organic this may be the place to start by using the above list to selectively pick organic.

Animal products:

Grass fed organic meat is ideal for feeding your family due to the artificial hormones and processed grains fed to Australian livestock.

Eggs is also beneficial to buy organic and you can get a better price if you can find a farmer nearby or go in with others and buy in bulk.

Grains/Nuts and Seeds:

Try and consume organic wherever possible as generally these items use a wide range of pesticides in the farming process. Buying in bulk reduces the cost significantly.

Herbs and Spices:

Herbs and spices are used in such small quantities that cost per use is quite minimal so we prefer the use of organic.

Where can I buy organic food?

The best places to buy organic are farmers markets, organic grocers, online organic fruit and veg boxes or better yet head out to visit some farms on the weekend near you and talk to the farmers about their produce.

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