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Brussel Sprout salad

Brussel sprouts are back in season.

Most people generally have a love or hate relationship with the old Brussel Sprout and we believe that all comes down to the preparation of them. We have made a Brussel sprout salad this week and it is delicious so if you are a fan or want to convert you can give this a try! Brussel sprouts are extremely high in vitamin K and vitamin C. They also contain folate, manganese, fibre, vitamin B6, choline, vitamin B1, copper, potassium, phosphorus, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin A, calcium and zinc. They support detoxification, contain many antioxidants, have an anti-inflammatory effect and support cardiovascular and digestive function!

Brussel Sprout Salad:

Serves 2 as a main


500g Brussel sprouts

1 tablespoon coconut oil/ghee

sea salt and ground black pepper

3 rashers bacon (optional)

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup chopped pecans


1. Preheat oven to 180°C

2. Cut the sprouts into quarters and place in bowl with coconut oil or ghee, salt and pepper to season and toss to combine

3. Spread out sprouts on baking tray and place in oven for approximately 30 minutes but keep checking every 10 minutes or so as they can burn quickly

4. Meanwhile, dice bacon and cook in frypan until crispy

5. Place cranberries, sprouts, bacon and pecans in a bowl and toss to combine


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