Probiotics Myths

Probiotics are talked up especially in recent times!

We all know that they can be beneficial in some circumstances but there is also a lot of incorrect information floating around in regards to their function, dosing, probiotic use in infants, and probiotic rich food.

So we are here to bust some myths!

Myth #1:

Research on one strain can be used for for all strains of probiotics.

Truth #1:

False! Research is strain specific.

For example, studies conducted on Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC 43121 does not follow over to other Lactobacillus acidophilus strains such as Lactobacillus acidophilus RP32.

Make sure that if you are reading any article or study that you are purchasing the strain specific product in the market place.

Myth #2:

Do not use probiotics whilst using antibiotics.

Truth #2:

False! You can use probiotics whilst on a course of antibiotics. We are not guaranteeing that all species of the probiotic are surviving against the antibiotic however studies have shown that probiotics taken concurrently with antibiotics can reduce the side effects of antibiotics such as diarrhoea and risk of thrush infections.

Myth #3:

A “good” probiotic should colonise the digestive tract permanently.

Truth #3:

False! No probiotic will permanently colonise the digestive tract. Some probiotics pass through immediately and some probiotics take a number of weeks to leave the digestive tract.

Myth #4:

Probiotics should be taken on an empty stomach.

Truth #4:

False! Probiotics have been shown to work more efficiently if taken with a meal especially one that contains gluten and dairy as this increases their survival through the upper digestive tract.

Myth #5:

Infants should only be supplemented with one strain (Bifidobacterium infantis)

Truth #5:

False! Infants come into contact with a wide range of bacteria through breast milk, formula and the environment. It is important to give the strain specific to what the child’s health requires.

Myth #6:

Probiotics are superior in supplement form.

Truth #6:

False! Food forms of probiotics can be very effective at having therapeutic benefits.

If you are still unsure of probiotics, please be in touch to find out more.

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