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I have been scavenging around Netlfix and podcasts looking for some of the best documentaries and podcasts to keep you entertained whilst spending more time at home.


1. Heal

Heal describes the links between physical health, and emotional or spiritual health. I really enjoyed this documentary as it is everything naturopathy has taught me, if there is one aspect in your health that is not thriving, then you won’t thrive in other parts of your health.

2. The Game Changers

This is a documentary describing the benefits of plant based eating in particular in athletes. I highly endorse most people eating more veggies in general and found it quite interesting.

NOTE - the documentary only depicts one side of the equation, so keep a level head while watching this one!

3. Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things

A documentary about living with little and finding happiness in connection and less in materialistic things.

I think we can all learn a little from this one and once I finish this post I am doing a little clear out!

4. Our Planet

The world is an absolutely stunning place and any documentary about nature has me transfixed on the beauty of nature.

One to watch to calm the soul and to see how magical the world can be.


1. The ATP Project’s Podcast

A podcast with lots of health information. It can get quite in depth but generally the information is interesting and there is a lot of great advice.

These guys also sell supplements, and I would not recommend taking any supplements without the recommendation of a practitioner.

2. Mahasoma

A new podcast from the team that I learnt to meditate with, and the episodes are easy listening.

3. SuperFeast podcast

Some interesting podcasts that are easy to listen to but also very informative about different aspects of health.

4. ABC Tall Tales & True

These stories are true stories, told by real people and are beautiful and raw. Nice and short and I find myself listening to whole series in a single session.

These are my top picks for health related entertainment (you can also hit me up for true crime or nature based documentaries also).

Please let me know if you watch/listen to any of these and your thoughts in relation to them or if you have any recommendations for me!

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