• Natalie Gibson

Lavender Bath Salts

Bath salts are incredibly easy to make and make for a relaxing bath.

Not only is the practice of having a bath relaxing: think warm bath, a movie playing and I am in my element but the Epsom salts used are made of magnesium which we know is relaxing for the nervous system and also works to physically calm muscles and aid the relaxation process.

Lavender essential oil has been shown in clinical trials to increase quantity of sleep and reduce levels of anxiety.

Lavender Bath Salts


2 cups Epsom salts

1 cup coarse Himalayan salt

30 drops lavender oil

1/4 cup dried lavender (optional)


1. Combine Epsom salts and Himalayan salt in a bowl.

2. Drop lavender oil over salts and toss well to combine.

3. If using dried lavender, mix in and then store in jar.

To use: dissolve 1/2 cup of lavender bath salts inhot bath

Relax in the bath for a minimum of 20 minutes to enjoy the therapeutic benefits.

This also makes for a great gift for family or friends!

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