What does an Online Consult look like?

For many, the thought of an online consult does not sound desirable.

Don't worry, I felt the same in the past however there are many benefits to an online consult and the results are identical to an in-person consult with myself!

This is what you will see during your consult - me smiling!

The Benefits of Online Consults include:

- Not having to clean up for your naturopath to come and visit!

- No need to dress up, jump in your car, get kids organised etc.

- You can organise the consult for a time that suits you (weekends and night consults still available).

- Have questions about a particular product or medication, you can show me via video and we can discuss.

- You can continue working on your health from your home or maybe address a particular health concerns that you have been dismissing?

- All supplements are delivered to your door - no contact needed.

- We both stay safe and physical distanced!

Online consults are run via Zoom, I send a link the day before via email and you click on the link, enter the password assigned to you and boom - there I am smiling at you!

This is what the consult will look like, we are able to see each other and be able to have a regular conversation whilst maintaining safe distancing!

As with all consultations, at the conclusion, you will receive a full treatment plan with handouts, recipes etc as needed and all supplements are posted out and left on your doorstep.

It's really too easy!

If this is something you feel you may be interested in, please click on the BOOK NOW button above and let's start working on your health today.

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