Why Have Your Own Veggie Garden?

I absolutely love my garden and I grow a number of different veggies, fruits, and even herbs. It’s not only about the produce that comes out of it, there are a multitude of other reasons why I love it!

For those who don’t know, we currently have growing:

- Zucchini - Tomatoes - Bok choy - Kale - Peaches - Cucumbers - Beetroot - Parsley - Basil - Rosemary - Sage

My Top 5 Benefits for Growing My Own Garden are varied:

1. Harvesting Organic Produce without the $$$ Price Tag

By growing my own food, I have the ability to control how little or how much pesticides and insecticides are used (in our case, none!). This means that I can feed our household, organic fruits and veggies without the expensive price tag!

2. There is less waste.

Most of us are constantly looking for ways to minimise waste and having your own garden is one of these ways! In a household of 2, we don’t need huge quantities of some ingredients, we rarely make it through a bunch of kale or coriander in a week so growing our own just makes sense. I can head outside, pick a few stalks and leave the rest to grow outside and not go off in my fridge drawer. That means we through away less at the end of the week!

3. We eat from the garden.

Most weeks, I head outside to see what is ripe and what is fresh before I plan our meals and write our shopping list for the week. This means that we are eating fresher produce and saving ourselves money at the green grocer which in turn gives us more money for holidays! This is an absolute bonus I’m telling you!

4. Getting outside regularly.

Everyday, I head outside to water the garden, pick a few weeds or to do some repotting. I do this not because I feel I need to (although it does not regular watering), but I feel calmer and more relaxed when I’m outside. I am also getting in touch with nature, my hands are in the dirt, which benefits my micro biome and I am breathing in cleaner air. Studies have shown that being around nature, is beneficial for lowering stress levels, improving mood and also for your digestion!

5. The Food Tastes Pretty Good.

Peaches from my tree taste 10 x better than those from the green grocer, my mint is fresh and vibrant and my radishes are delicious. The food just tastes better when it is homegrown! The nutrient value is also higher when picked and consumed immediately versus being in storage for days let lone months!

Thought about starting your own garden? It doesn’t need to be full blown veggie patches, even a few pots of herbs is incredible additions to your meals!

Let us know what you love to grow in your garden below!

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