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Is it weight gain or are you bloated?

Many of my clients often say that they are not sure whether they have gained weight or are bloated.

I completely understand the weight gain at the moment - gyms are closed, we are at home closer to our fridges more than we have ever been, alcohol and food is being used as support aids and our routines have been disrupted.

But also bloating is more common at the moment due to a lack of movement, an increase in stress, eating more than normal or even additional caffeine or alcohol being consumed.

Both don't feel great especially digestively, so let's decode the tummy troubles and work on making you feel great!

One of the ways to decode your belly troubles and decipher whether we have a bit of weight gain or digestive upset is by answering 6 main questions:

1. Has my lifestyle changed recently?

The first step is to start with a tough question to yourself: "has your lifestyle changed?" For many people in Melbourne, the answer to this is "Yes". Then we need to dig deeper - have your eating patterns altered? Have your activity levels changed? Stress levels? Sleep? All of these factors can have an impact on weight but also on your bloating depending on their significance.

2. Am I looking bigger first thing in the morning?

When standing in front of the mirror of a morning, ask yourself, has my figure changed? Or is it that you feel larger later in the day?

Is it just your belly or do other parts of your body feel bigger?

Is your morning belly more than one size smaller in the morning than in the afternoon/evening?

A bloated belly will generally start smaller in the morning and increase in size after eating. Weight gain is present throughout the day. One way to investigate whether it is weight gain is to take photos of yourself to compare a couple of weeks apart.

3. Am I due for my period?

Menstruating ladies, this is a question for you. If you currently have your period, or are due in the next few days, you may experience fluid retention which can spread around the body but it can affect the digestive system.

Leave it a few days then reassess once your period has concluded and see if you are still feeling uncomfortable.

4. Am I passing a bowel motion daily?

Constipation or not passing a bowel motion daily can result in your stomach feeling more distended due to a build up of faecal matter. This can feel like weight gain and a sensation of heaviness.

A change of bowel motions, or an increase of stools can also indicate digestive upset and may need to be addressed as it could be an infection.

5. Any other digestive symptoms?

Are you experiencing irregular bowel motions or changes in your bowel motions? More gas than normal? Reflux? Abdominal pain?

A change of digestive symptoms can signify digestive upset and can be one of the causes of bloating.

6. Touch your belly.

Is your belly soft and squishy or is it feeling hard or painful to touch?

Your abdomen should feel soft and squishy and you should be able to touch it without experiencing pain. If your abdomen is feeling harder it could be due to bloating and other digestive distress.

Is it weight gain?

If the questions above are leaning you more towards weight gain, it can be challenging to know where you need to alter your diet and lifestyle to reduce those kilos and make you feel incredible! Naturopathy can assist in sustainable weight loss with support and accountability without fad diets!

Is it bloating?

If you believe you are experiencing bloating, please be in touch to address the causes of your bloating and to reduce it longterm. Bloating is incredibly uncomfortable and can be challenging to address by yourself. See our blog post on the causes of bloating for more information.

Still not sure?

Feel free to book a 15 minute FREE chat to discuss your symptoms through our website.

Sick of feeling larger and wanting support? Book a consult with Natalie HERE to start the process today!

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